Frequently Asked Questions



What does it cost to use a senior advocate?

There is NO COST to you. There are multiple types of senior advocate's that available today.  My specialty is senior placement.  I personally meet with families to discuss their situation and recommend communities based on their needs, cost & lifestyle.  The communities I recommend are communities that I am familiar with and have a contract with.

What is a senior advocate?

A senior placement advocate will personally meet with families to discuss a loved one's situation.  Typically, a parent who has aged in place at home has experienced a change in their physical or mental state and the home is no longer a safe option for them to live alone.  A senior advocate will discuss various living options, which would include; cost, apartment size, location and many more details that will smoothly assist them throughout the move in process.

How would you use a senior advocate?

When a family determines that it is not safe for mom or dad to live alone or they're just existing at home and not enjoying their years an advocate should be contacted to discuss options.  Many people wait too long to make this decision and end up making a decision without taking the time to discuss what is the best fit or living environment for their loved one.  An advocate will save you time and effort.  Also, educating you on questions to ask when they visit the recommended communities.

I thought that type of care and service was provided by doctors, nurses, as well as other providers?

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers have limitations in their work and talents that prevent them from focusing only on the requirements of one patient. The patient's insurer limits their time, and few patients ever receive what they require from a clinician. Those providers see hundreds or thousands of patients every day, dozens at a time. A senior advocate concentrates on one patient at a time who requires assistance.

How do doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals view senior advocates?

Healthcare professionals recommend advocates because the advocates are knowledgeable of the communities and they will be able to best recommend which community will meet the needs for their patient.

What are your typical working hours?

It is not uncommon to meet a client after normal business hours due to many clients who are working and trying to find placement for a loved one. I am flexible and considerate to each family’s situation.

What past experiences have prepared you as a senior advocate?

I have worked in the Senior Living Industry for over twenty-six years and helped caregivers in all aspects of caring for their loved ones including marketing and admissions in skilled nursing, assisted living, memory care, independent living, home health, hospice care and low-income placement.

How do you help us handle stressful situations?

Caregivers are emotionally committed in the care of their loved ones. It can be tough to consider yourself as both a caregiver and that person's child or spouse while you're caring for someone. As a senior advocate, we can help reduce the stress by:

✓ Educating families on resources that they may not be aware of

✓ Help with transitioning from their home to a community

✓ Assistance program for Veterans

✓ Insurance for long-term care

✓ Educating families on the difference in Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care